The Printable KISS Workbooks The KISS Workbook Anthology
(Code and Color Key)

An Exercise on S/V/C Patterns
Based on "Jonah and the Whale"
From Annual Mammoth Book, Florence Winship
Analysis Key

1. The Lord was angry (PA), and sent a great tempest (DO), [Adv. (of 

purpose) to "sent" so that the ship was tossed (P) and beaten (P) {by waves}]. |

2. {At last} they cast Jonah (DO) {into the sea}, | and the winds became 

quiet (PA) | and the waters were calm (PA) again. |

3. Then God spoke {to the fish}, | and it set Jonah (DO) safely up {on the dry land}. |

4. It was a long three-days' journey (PN), | but Jonah did not hesitate. |

5. He preached so earnestly [Adv. (of result) to "so" that the people {of Nineveh} 

repented], | and the city was saved (P). |