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"You" Understood as the Subject
From "Hansel and Grethel"
in  My Book of Favorite Fairy Tales
by Edric  Vredenburg; Illustrated by Jennie Harbour
1. Write in "You" wherever it is understood as the subject.
2. Put parentheses ( ) around each prepositional phrase.
3. Underline subjects once, finite verbs twice, and label complements (PN, PA, IO, DO). 

1. "Be quiet, Grethel."

2. "Do not cry."

3. "Get up, you lazy things."

4. "Wait a little while."

5.  "Sit down here and rest."

6. "Do not weep."

7. "Get up, you lazy brat."

8. "Now, you children, lie down near the fire, and rest yourselves."

9. "Hansel, stretch out your finger."

10. "Be of good cheer, dear sister, and sleep in peace."