The Printable KISS Grammar Workbooks Level 6.6 Syntax and Writing
(Code and Color Key)

Adapted from Ovid
Analysis Key

     It happened {on a day} [Del. Subj. that the two friends stripped off

their garments (DO), rubbed the juice (DO) {of the olive} {upon their bodies},

and engaged {in throwing [#1] the quoit}.] | First Apollo poised it (DO)

and tossed it (DO) far. | It cleaved the air (DO) {with its weight} and fell

heavily {to earth}. | {At that moment} Hyacinthus ran forwards and hastened to

take up the disc [#2], | but the hard earth sent it (DO) rebounding [#3] straight

{into his face}, [Adv. (result) to "rebounding" so that he fell wounded [#4] {to the

ground}.] |

1. Gerund, object of the preposition "in"; "quoit" is the direct object of "throwing."
2. "To take" is an infinitive. Some students will see it as answering the question "Hastened what?" and consider it to be a direct object; others may see it as answering the question "Hastened how?" and consider it as an adverb to "hastened." Either response should be accepted. "Disc" is the direct object of "to take."
3. Gerundive to "it." At KISS Level Five, some students will prefer to explain "it rebounding" as a noun absolute that functions as the direct object of "sent."
4. Gerundive to "he."