The Printable KISS Grammar Workbooks Level 6.6 Syntax and Writing
"Echo and Narcissus"
John W. 
Model Sentence #1 from
Two Selections from "Echo and Narcissus"
Adapted from Ovid

     Study the structure of the following sentence. Note how it first names something ("waters") and says something about it ("were unsullied"). Then it uses "neither" and "nor" to make several statements to explain the beginning of the sentence.

Its waters were unsullied, for neither goats feeding upon the mountains nor any other cattle had drunk from it, nor had wild beasts or birds disturbed it, nor had branch or leaf fallen into its calm waters.

Write a sentence that imitates this pattern. Try to use compound subjects comparable to those in the model:

[First part] -- neither [subject 1] nor [subject 2] [verb], nor [verb] [subject 3] or [subject 4] [verb], nor [verb] [subject 5] or [subject 6] [verb].
The following is another example:
The class picnic was a total failure -- neither the boys [S1] nor the girls [S2] had any fun, nor were the teachers [S3] or parents [S4] pleased, nor were the food [S5] or the games [S6] considered a success.
Note that your first topic ("waters," "picnic") needs to be broad enough so that you can develop several detaails about it in the rest of the sentence.