KISS Grammar Workbooks
An Introduction to KISS Level Two
(Subjects, Finite Verbs, and Complements)
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[Introduction and all the Notes for Parents and Teachers]
For Students For Parents & Teachers
Part One: The Basics
Identifying Subjects and Finite Verbs Notes
     Helping Verbs (Tense & Emphasis)
     Helping Verbs, Auxiliary Verbs, Modals Notes
     Other Helping Verbs
The S / V / C Pattern Notes
     The Types of Complements Notes
(Transitive, Intransitive,
and Linking Verbs)
Predicate Adjective or Part of the Verb? Notes
Part Two: Distinguishing Finite Verbs frrom Verbals
A Brief Introduction to Verbals
Verbs that Function as Complements
Verbs That Function as Adhectives ["How to" & "What to"] [AK]
Distinguishing Finite Verbs frrom Verbals [Notes]
Finite Verbs and Verbals - Introduction
      The Noun Test
     The "To" Test
     The Sentence Test
Tests for Identifying Finite Verbs
Part Three: Some Additional Complications
     Varied Positions in S/V/C Patterns Notes
     Understood "You" Notes
     Compounds Notes
Combining Sentences: 
     Compounding Verbs
Multiple Patterns in One Sentence  
     Pronouns as Subjects Notes
Ellipsis Notes
Palimpsest Patterns Notes
Punctuation Rules for KISS Level Two Notes
Part Four: Optional Concepts
Passive Voice Notes
     Passive Voice or Predicate Adjective? Notes
     Retained Complements Notes
Expletives Notes
Personal Pronouns Notes
Tenses of Verbs 
The Conjugation of "To Discover"
Subjunctive Mood
  Some Comments on
"Objective Complements"