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(Code and Color Key)

More Practice with Helping Verbs
Old-time Stories, Fairy Tales and Myths Retold by Children, by E. Louise Smythe
Analysis Key

1. You have almost spoiled it (DO). |

2. One day [#1] they were playing {in the garden}. |

3. So no one could get the golden fleece (DO). |

4. The Frost Giants did not like the sunshine (DO). |

5. You may have the falcon suit (DO). |

6. These rocks had been put (P) {in the sea}. |

7. I am going to see those birds (DO). |

8. Then you must pay {for cutting off my wife's hair [#2] }. |

9. Did you cut off [#3] Sif's hair (DO)? |

10. They had to put rags (DO) {in the windows}. |

11. Can you lay eggs (DO)? |

1. "Day" is a Noun Used as an Adverb. See KISS Level 2.3.
2. Some students may underline "cutting" as a verb. Tell them that this is not a test, and that you expected them to have trouble with it. (Mistakes are a way to learn.) "Hair" is the direct object of the verbal (gerund) "cutting." The verbal phrase functions as the object of the preposition "for."
3. If students consider "off" as part of the verb phrase, I would simply accept it. The sentence, however, means "Did you cut Sif's hair off *her head*." This problem is the focus of KISS Level 2.1.5 - Phrasal Verbs.