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(Code and Color Key)

Mixed Complements
Old-time Stories, Fairy Tales and Myths Retold by Children
By E. Louise Smythe
Analysis Key

1. Jason was a brave young man (PN). |

2. Loki was always playing tricks (DO). |

3. A fairy came by and gave the tree (IO) gold leaves (DO). |

4. The only light came {from the dwarfs' fires}. |

5. Loki was ugly (PA) and mean (PA). |

6. All the other trees {in the woods} have pretty leaves (DO). |

7. Can you make me (IO) a gold crown (DO)? |

8. This is not a very pretty hammer (PN). |

9. The next night [#1] the Frost Giant flew {into the house}. |

10. No other tree was so bright (PA). |

1. "Night" is a Noun Used as an Adverb. [See KISS Level 2.3.]