The Printable KISS Grammar Workbooks The KISS Workbooks Anthology
(Code and Color Key)

Mixed Complements
Old-time Stories, Fairy Tales and Myths Retold by Children

By E. Louise Smythe
Analysis Key

1. She must be very hungry (PA). |

2. Her grandma made her (IO) a red coat (DO) {with a hood}. |

3. They would have to fight wild men (DO) and animals (DO). |

4.  He lived a little way [#1] {from the king's city}. |

5. It was a very dark night (PN). |

6. The bride ate a whole ox (DO) and eight salmon (DO). |

7. Then the little pine tree was happy (PA). |

8. Will you give me (IO) the golden fleece (DO)? |

9. Then the two men {with wings} flew up {in the air}. |

10. The eagle was a giant (PN) and not a bird (PN). |

1. "Way" is a Noun Used as an Adverb. [See KISS Level 2.3.]