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(Code and Color Key)

Compound Subjects and Verbs
From Old-time Stories, Fairy Tales and Myths Retold by Children
By E. Louise Smythe
Analysis Key

1. They were good children (PN) and loved each other (DO) very much. |

2. Loki and the eagle went {to the city}. |

3. Jason and his men were all right (PA). |

4. They cut {at the Harpies} but could not hurt them (DO). |

5. Then the cruel wolf jumped up and ate poor little Red Riding-Hood (DO). |

6. Early {in the morning}, the king and princess went out {to the place}. |

7. {At last} the Harpies grew very tired (PA) and fell {into the sea} and 

     were drowned (P). |

8. The stove and the turkey and the Christmas tree all [#1] went away. |

1. This "all" can simply be considered an adjective to the subjects. Alternatively, they can be viewed as an appositive to them, or as an adverb.