The KISS Grammar Printable Workbooks Identifying Complements
(Code and Color Key)

Identifying Indirect and Direct Objects
from "The Ugly Duckling" by E. Louise Smythe

Analysis Key

1.) He did not hurt you (DO). |

2.) You have lovely ducklings (DO). |

3.) The hens all bit him (DO). |

4.) What (DO) did he see? |

5.) He saw a big pond (DO). |

6.) He saw himself (DO) {in the water} [Adv. to "saw" and/or Adj. to "himself"]. |

7.) And they gave him (IO) bread (DO) and cake (DO). |

8.) I will keep the duck (DO). | I will have some eggs (DO). |

9.) The next day [NuA], the cat saw the duckling (DO) and began to growl. |

In KISS Level Four: the infinitive "to growl" functions as the direct object of "began."
10.) But the poor, big, ugly duckling did not have a good time (DO). |

11.) The poor duckling had a hard time (DO). |

12.) Soon he saw three white swans (DO) {on the lake} [Adj. to "swans" and/or Adv. to "saw"]. |

13.) What a noise (DO) the ducks made! |

14.) [Adv. to "bit" While the mother duck was eating a big bug (DO),] an old

duck bit the ugly duckling (DO). |