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The Spring Beauty : An Ojibbeway Legend
by Henry R. Schoolcraft (Adapted)

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Ex # 1 - Simple sentences AK -  -
Ex # 2 - Sentences with Unknown Constructions AK -  L6.7
Ex # 3 - Statistical Analysis AK G6Stats L6.5 Stats
Ex # 4 - How Much I can Explain AK - L6.7
Ex # 5 - Punctuation AK G6 PA L3.1 L6.1

Suggestions for Writing:

1. Retell the story, in your own words, in as much detail as you can. [Teachers should probably write the names "Peboan, the Spirit of Winter," and "Seegwun, the Spirit of Spring" on the board.]
2. Write a story that explains the end of one season (or day) and the beginning of another.