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Notes for
If My Dog Could Teach Me
A Lesson in the Imperative Mood

Exercise AK G6 L2.1.1 "You"

     This was sent to me by David Evans, in our biology department. It makes a nice, enjoyable exercise on the recognition of S/V/C patterns and the imperative mood. There are several advanced constructions that will probably give students some problems, but there are also many phrases and S/V/C patterns that all the students should get right. Don't worry about the problem areas; enjoy the text. (If you want, of course, you can simply drop those sentences that contain confusing advanced constructions, but that will ruin some of the fun.)
     This border is adapted from an image in The May Blossom, illustrated by H. H.Emmerson, verses by Marion M. Wingrave, and published by A. C. Armstrong and Son. circa 1900.  Special thanks to the excellent Rosetta Project, Inc. (, where you can find The May Blossom plus numerous other illustrated children's books.