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Directions Instructional Material

"You" as the Understood Subject (Ex # 1): from
Stories of Robin Hood Told to the Children
by Henrietta Elizabeth Marshall

1. Take up my cousin and carry him there.

2. Just wait there until I get a stick.

3. Come to see me next time you have meat to sell.

4. Go, tell your master Robin Hood that the Sheriff means to kill him.

5. "Come, good Little John," she said, turning to him.

6. "Grant me one favour, master," he said.

7. Call in all our scattered men, for I would be at St. Mary's Abbey 

by noon.

8. "Sound the trumpet," said the Bishop turning to the captain of 

his soldiers.

9. "Go back and wait till I have come over," he called out as soon 

as he noticed the stranger.

Writing Exercise
10. Write a sentence in which "you" is an understood subject.