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Ellipsed Objects of Prepositions (#1)
Based on
Black Beauty, by Anna Sewell
Analysis Key

1. {In the course} {of the day} many other trains went {by *me*}. |

"By" here could mean either "by me" or "by the field" in which he was. Alternatively, "went by" could be considered a phrasal verb meaning "passed," but it would still imply a direct object.
2. The other children had ridden me (DO) {about *the fields*} {for nearly two hours}. |

3. We could look {over the hedge} and see several fields (DO) {beyond *it*}. |

4. I never knew such a happy, merry family (DO) {before *then*} or {since *then*}. |

5. {Before *a* long *time*} the dogs began their "yo! yo, o, o!" (DO) again. |

Note how this could also be considered an ellipsed subordinate clause --"Before *a* *long time passed* . . . ."