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(Code and Color Key)

Ellipsed Objects of Prepositions (#2)
Based on
Black Beauty, by Anna Sewell
Analysis Key

1. Any hare [Adj. to "hare" they can find] will do {for the dogs and men} 

to run [#1] {after *a hare*}. |

2. James brought Merrylegs (DO) {in *the stable*} and put {on *his head*} his halter (DO). |

3. All [Adj. to "all" that could be piled (P) up {inside *the cab*) {on the front seat}] 

were put (P) {in *the cab*}. |

4.  I have never snapped {at him} {since *that time*}, | and I won't either. |

5. They got {on *my head*} the halter (DO) and the bar (DO) {into 

my mouth}; | then one dragged me (DO) {along *the path*} {by the halter},

another flogging [#2] {behind *me*}. |

1. The infinitive "to run" can be explained as an adverb (of purpose) to "will do." However, a better explanation is to consider "dogs" and  "men" as the subjects of the infinitive and the whole infinitive phrase as the object of the preposition "for."
2. "Another flogging behind" is a noun absolute that functions as an adverb to "dragged."