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Notes for:
from The Twelve Months -- A Slav Legend
by Alexander Chodzko
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NuA, Interjections, & Direct Address AK G7 L2.3 - 3 Add Mix
Exploring Compounds AK G7 L1.4 Compouding
Statistical Stylistics AK G6Stats L6.5 Stats
Punctuation AK G9 PA L3.1 L6.1

Suggestions for Writing

1. Writing a sentence: Use the compound finite verbs in the statistical stylistics exercise as a model. Write a sentence that has five or six compounded verbs.
2. Writing a paragraph: Write a topic sentence about three things that someone you know very well does every day (or every week) -- My brother goes to school, plays with his computer, and watches television. This sentence is a topic sentence for a paragraph. For the body of the paragraph, write two or three sentences that give examples (in order) of each of the three things. Finish your paragraph with a general sentence that suggests what this person is like (based on these three things.
3. Writing an essay: Revise your paragraph into a five-paragraph essay. For an essay, your topic sentence will become a thesis (the main idea of the essay). 
     You will need to write a topic sentence for each of the three body paragraphs in the essay. Do this by expanding on the verbs in your thesis sentence. For example, My brother goes to Wilber Middle School where he is in seventh grade. Use the sentences about his going to school in this paragraph, but add details to them. Also add three or more sentences that explain what he does at school. Do the same thing for the next two body paragraphs.
     Your thesis should be the last sentence in your introductory paragraph. Begin with a general sentence about the people you know. Write two or three sentences about other people, and then end the paragraph with the thesis. For example:
       There are many interesting people in my life. My aunt works at a zoo with animals. Sarah, my best friend, is always fun to be with, and my cousin Bob is always telling jokes. But the weirdest person I know is my brother Tom. He goes to school, plays with his computer, and watches television. 
Note that word "weirdest." The word you choose to use should be based on the examples you will give in your essay.
     For your concluding paragraph, write about some of the other interesting things the person does. For example:
     In addition to school, his computer, and television, my brother also plays baseball and goes camping. He practices baseball almost every day during the summer, and we go to watch his games. One time he hit a grand slam. Once, when he went camping, he fell in the lake. But except for baseball and camping, Tom is usually indoors. He's either in school, with his computer, or in front of the television.