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Notes for
by Emily Dickinson [1830-1886]

Autumn AK - L6.7

     If they began the KISS Approach in third or fourth grade, by April of fifth grade, students should be able to identify all the words in the S/V/C patterns in this poem. If they are working on clauses, this poem should be a good exercise. Note that they may have questions about "Lest." I do not remember any grammar book that lists "lest" among subordinate conjunctions, but it clearly functions as one here. [Note that I do not make a habit of reading grammar books, so it is possible that some book somewhere expects students to remember "lest" among a list of subordinate conjunctions.]
     In working with this poem, be sure to point out the use of personification -- giving the characteristics of a person to something that is not a person. Note too the implication of the last two lines -- that people should follow or imitate nature.