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Selections from
Blue Willow, by Doris Gates

     These passages were selected and submitted by a member of Ambleside Online. She noted that home schoolers use them for copywork, and stated that

     The way that home schoolers might approach this, at least sometimes, is to have the child copy the passage for copywork, then later analyze the passage for grammar (later in the day, later in the week, or even the following week). Another thing that many home schoolers do is use the copywork passage for dictation, which is where the parent reads the passage and the child writes it, trying his or her best to get spelling, punctuation and so on perfect.  So after using the passage for copywork and then grammar, the child could then write the passage as the parent dictates it.
This is from the copywork of  AO Year 6
     In The Language Police, Diane Ravitch lists Blue Willow in the suggested reading for Grade Five (p. 211), but the syntax involved in these selections will challenge most sixth graders.
From Chapter One [Embedded Sub Clauses] AK G6 L3.1.3 SCEmbed
From Chapter Two [A Study in Ellipsis] AK - L3.2.1 Ellipsis
From Chapter Three [Mixed Verbals] AK G7 L4.1 Verbals
From Chapter Four [A Study of "As Well As"] AK - Little W
From Chapter Five AK  -  L6.7
From Chapter Six AK  -  L6.7
From Chapter Seven AK  -  L6.7
From Chapter Eight AK G7 L3.1.3 SCEmbed
From Chapter Nine AK G6  L3.1.2 Mixed
From Chapter Ten AK  -  L6.7