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An Exercises in Changing Tenses
From A Book of Myths, by Jean Lang
Directions: This passage was written in the past tense. Rewrite it in the present tense, and then turn it into a prophecy by rewriting it in future tense. 

     From his throne on Olympus, Zeus looked down on the earth and saw, 

with wonder, airy columns of blue-grey smoke that curled upwards to the

sky. He watched more closely, and realized with terrible wrath that the 

moving flowers of red and gold that he saw in that land that the Titans 

shared with men, came from fire, that had hitherto been the gods' own 

sacred power. Speedily he assembled a council of the gods to mete out to 

Prometheus a punishment fit for the blasphemous daring of his crime. This 

council decided at length to create a thing that should for evermore charm 

the souls and hearts of men, and yet, for evermore, be man's undoing.