The Printable KISS Grammar Workbooks The KISS Workbooks Anthology
The Heroes, 
or Greek Fairy Tales For My Children
by Charles Kingsley
Illustrations by Howard Davie

From "Perseus"

L1.5 Left-, Right-, and Mid-Branching Prepositional Phrases - G6 L1.5
L1.6 Identifying Nouns and Pronouns AK G6 L1.2
L1.7 Punctuating Sentences AK G6 L1.7
L1.7 Commas in a Series AK G6 L1.7
L2.1.6 Distinguishing Finite Verbs from Verbals AK G6 L2.1.6
L3.1.2 Mixes Sub Clauses - Rewritnig as Main and Subordinate AK G6 L3.1.2
L3.1.2 Adjectival Clauses - Rewriting AK G6 L3.1.2
L 3.1.2 Adjectival (Restrictive and Non-Restrictive) AK G6 L3.1.2
L3.1.3 Embedded Subordinate Clauses AK G6 L3.1.3
L5.4 - Appositives AK G6 L5.4
L5.4 MC to SC to Appositive AK G7; 1YM L5.4