The Printable KISS Grammar Workbooks The KISS Workbooks Anthology
A Study in Appositives
based on
By Padraic Colum
Illustrations adapted from Willy Pogany
1. Place parentheses ( ) around each prepositional phrase.
2. Underline verbs twice, their subjects once, and label complements (PA, PN, IO, or DO).
3. Place brackets [ ] around each subordinate clause. If the clause functions as a noun, label its function. If it functions as an adjective or an adverb, draw an arrow from the opening bracket to the word that the clause modifies.
4. Place a vertical line after each main clause.
5. Label each appositive "App" and draw an arrow from the appositive to the word to which it stands in apposition.

     In those times the Gods lived, Odin and Thor, Hödur and Baldur, Tyr

and Heimdall, Vidar and Vali, as well as Loki, the doer of good and the 

doer of evil. And the beautiful goddesses were living then, Frigga, Freya, 

Nanna, Iduna, and Sif. But in the days when the Sun and Moon were 

destroyed the Gods were destroyed too -- all the Gods except Baldur who

had died before that time, Vidar and Vali, the sons of Odin, and Modi and

Magni, the sons of Thor.