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(Code and Color Key)

A Study in Appositives
based on
THE CHILDREN OF ODIN, by Padraic Colum
 Analysis Key

     {In those times} the Gods lived, Odin [#1] and Thor [#1], Hödur [#1] and

Baldur [#1], Tyr [#1] and Heimdall [#1], Vidar [#1] and Vali [#1], as well

as Loki [#1], the doer [#2] {of good} and the doer [#2] {of evil}. | And the beautiful 

Goddesses were living then, Frigga [#3], Freya [#3], Nanna [#3], Iduna [#3],

and Sif [#3]. | But {in the days} [Adj. to "days" when the Sun and Moon were

destroyed (P) ] the Gods were destroyed (P) too -- all the Gods [#4] {except

Baldur} [Adj. to "Baldur" who had died {before that time}], Vidar [#5] and 

Vali [#5], the sons [#6] {of Odin}, and Modi [#5] and Magni [#5], the sons [#7] {of Thor}. |

1. "Odin," "Thor," "Hödur" "Baldur," "Tyr," "Heimdall," "Vidar," "Vali," and "Loki" are appositives to "Gods." (The easiest way to explain "as well as" is to consider it to be idiomatic for "and."
2. "Doer" is an appositive to "Loki."
3. "Frigga," "Freya," "Nanna," "Iduna," and "Sif" are appositives to "Goddesses."
4. This "Gods" is an appositive to the previous "Gods."
5. "Vidar," "Vali," "Modi," and "Magni" are additional objects of the preposition "except."
6. This "sons" is an appositive to "Vidar" and "Vali."
7.  This "sons" is an appositive to "Modi" and "Magni."