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(Code and Color Key)

The Logic of Adjectives and Adverbs
Based on The Queen of the Pirate Isle, by Bret Harte
Illustrated by Kate Greenaway
Analysis Key

     Note that unlike most of the analysis keys, in this one the adjectives and adverbs within prepositional phrases are color coded as individual words.

1. I first [1] knew her (DO) {as the Queen} {of the Pirate [2] Isle}. |

2. {To the best} {of my [3] recollection} she had no reasonable [4] right (DO) {to that [5] title}. |

3. Her personation {of a certain Mrs. Smith} was never [6] perfectly [7] appreciated (P) {by her own circle}. |

4. Wan Lee's [8] silent, stolid, mechanical [9] performance {of a Pirate's duties} had been their one delight (PN) and fascination (PN)! |

5. [DO [#1] "*You* Go {to bed} instantly [10] {without your supper},"] she said, seriously [11]. |

6. Thither [12] they solemnly [13] proceeded {along the ridge} {in single [14] file}. |

7. The eyes {of the four [15] children} became rounder (PA) and rounder (PA). |

8. The continual [16] traffic had gradually [17] worn a shallow gully (DO) {into the face} {of the mountain}. |

9. She felt very [18] lonely (PA) [#2], but was not [19] quite [20] afraid (PA); | she felt very melancholy (PA), but was not entirely sad (PA). |
1. first Adverb to "knew" Time When?
2. Pirate Adjective to "Isle" Identity Which?
3. my Adjective to "recollection" Identity Whose?
4. reasonable Adjective to "right" Identity What kind of?
5. that Adjective to "title" Identity Which?
6. never Adverb to "perfectly" Time
How often?
7. perfectly Adverb to "was appreciated" Manner
How much?
8. Wan Lee's Adjective to "performance" Identity Whose?
9. mechanical Adjective to "performance" Identity What kind of?
10. instantly Adverb to "Go" Time When?
11. seriously Adverb to "said" Manner How?
12. Thither Adverb to "proceeded" Space Where?
13. solemnly Adverb to "proceeded" Manner How?
14. single Adjective to "file" Identity What kind of?
15. four Adjective to "children" Identity How many?
16. continual Adjective to "traffic" Identity What kind of?
17. gradually Adverb to "had worn" Time
How much?
18. very Adverb to "lonely" Degree How much?
19. not Adverb to "quite" Degree How much?
20. quite Adverb to "afraid" Degree How much?


1. For an alternative explanation of the clause structure, see KISS Level 3.2.3 - Interjection? Or Direct Object?
2. Some people will justifiably see "lonely" as an adverb here, but note that later in the sentence we find "felt . . . melancholy," and "melancholy" is not an adverb. Thus the preferred KISS explanation here is to consider both "lonely" and "melancholy" as predicate adjectives in palimpsest patterns. See KISS Level 2.1.4 - Palimpsest Patterns.