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(Code and Color Key)

An Exercise on Mixed Complements
Based on The Queen of the Pirate Isle, by Bret Harte
Illustrated by Kate Greenaway
Analysis Key

Note that this exercise challenges students by giving them multiple S/V/C patterns in the same sentence, even before the students have studied compounding in Level 1.4. Praise the students who do not simply stop after identifying one pattern.

1. {At supper}, she timidly asked Bridget (IO) a question (DO). |

2. It wasn't a dead man (PN), | it wasn't an animal (PN), | it wasn't a baby (PN)! |

3. She had borrowed {from another's fiction}. |

4. This last infamous suggestion fired the corsair's blood (DO). |

5. The last act was reckless (PA) and irretrievable (PA), | but it was vague (PA). |

6. The eventful day dawned {without any unusual sign} {of importance}. |

7. It was her real existence (PN). |

8.  Long waves {of spicy heat} rolling [#1] {up the mountain} {from the valley}

brought her (IO) the smell (DO) {of pine trees and bay}. |

9. {For a moment} the good men held their breath (DO) {in helpless terror}. |

10. She was only nine years [NuA] old (PA). |

11. The entrance {of Polly's mother} {at this moment} put an end (DO) {to

Polly's authority} and dispersed the pirate band (DO). |

1. "Rolling" is a verbal (gerundive) that modifies "waves." Expect most students to be confused by it--KISS does not introduce the finite verb/verbal distinction until Level 2.1.6 - Distinguishing Finite Verbs from Verbals. I wondered about including this sentence, but it gives you the opportunity to remind students that they are expected to make some mistakes (and not others).