The Printable KISS Grammar Workbooks The KISS Workbooks Anthology
Adverbial Subordinate Clauses
Based on The Queen of the Pirate Isle
by Bret Harte
Illustrated by Kate Greenaway
1. Place parentheses around each prepositional phrase.
2. Underline every subject once, every verb twice, and label complements ("PA," "PN," "IO," "DO").
3. Put brackets [ ] around every subordinate clause and use arrows or labels to indicate their function.
4. Put a vertical line at the end of every main clause.

1. Before the children could fairly comprehend what had passed,

they were again lifted into the truck and began to glide back into

the tunnel.

2. Fortunately, the representation of a resuscitated person required

such extraordinary acting that Mrs. Smith was resuscitated only

for a day.

3. Hickory softly scratched his leg while a broad, bashful smile, 

almost closed his small eyes.

4. Indeed, most of Polly's impersonations were got rid of in this

way, although it by no means prevented their subsequent


5. A bland smile broke on Wan Lee's face, as, to the children's

amazement, he quietly disengaged himself from the group and 

stepped before the leader.

6. The famous old lode of Red Mountain never would have been

found if Polly hadn't tumbled over the slide directly on top of

the outcrop.

7. Satisfied that no one could observe her, she softly visited the 

bedside of each of her companions, and administered from a 

purely fictitious bottle spoonfuls of invisible medicine.

8. Even when her companions sometimes hesitated from actual 

hunger or fatigue and forgot their guilty part, she never faltered.

9. Limited as her functions were, Polly performed them with

inimitable gravity and unquestioned sincerity.

10. This was a favourite imaginative situation of Polly's, but only

indulged when her companions were asleep, partly because she

could not trust confederates with her more serious fancies, and 

partly because they were at such times passive in her hands.