The Printable KISS Grammar Workbooks The KISS Workbooks Anthology
Illustrated by
W. J. Aylward
Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Seas
Jules Verne
L3.2.1 - Ellipsis in Subordinate Clauses AK G9 L3.2.1
L3.2.1 Semi-Reduced Clauses AK G6 L3.2.1
L3.2.3 Subordinate Clauses as Interjections AK G6 L3.2.3
L3.2.4 The Witch in "Which" AK G6 L3.2.4
L4 Verbals - Mixed - Subjects of AK G6 L4
L4 - A Study of Gerunds AK G6 L4
L4 - Gerunds as Nouns Used as Adverbs AK G6; IG6 L4
L5.4 Appositives - Elaborated AK G6 L5.4
L5.4 Appositives - Other Constructions AK G6 L5.4
L5.5 Post-Positioned Adjectives AK G6 L5.5
L5.6 Delayed Subjects - Clauses AK G6; IG7 L5.6
L5.6 Delayed Subjects - Sentences ? Clauses AK G6; IG7 L5.6
L5.8 Noun Absolutes that Function as Adverbs (#1) AK G9; IG8 L5.8