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KISS Grammar Exercises 
Based on
English for Use -- Book Three
by John H. Beveridge, Belle M. Ryan, ? William D. Lewis
Philadelphia, 1926: The John C. Winston Company
220 L1.6 Person, Number, and Case  AK G6; IG3 L1.6
220-24 L1.6 Pronouns as Predicate Nouns (Choose) AK IG4 L1.6
173 L1.8 Synonyms    - L1.8
318-9 L1.8 Synonyms for "Went"     L1.8
174 L1.8 Antonyms   - L1.8
28-9 L1.8 Suffixes to Create Abstract Nouns     L1.8
276 L4. Subjects of Gerunds AK G6-11; IG6 L4
273-4 L4 - Rewriting Gerundives as Finite Verbs AK G6 L4