The Printable KISS Workbooks Grade 6 Quotations Page
(Code and Color Key)

KISS Grammar
Famous (or Interesting) Quotations
Compound Main Clauses Ex # 1
Analysis Key

1. Youth supposes; | age knows. |

2. Time flies {like an arrow}; | fruit flies like a banana (DO). |

3. Debate is masculine (PA); | conversation is feminine (PA). |

4. Many foxes grow gray (PA), | but few grow good (PA). |

5. A dead thing can go {with the stream}, | but only a living thing can go {against it}. |

6. Force is all-conquering (PA), | but its victories are short-lived (PA). |

7. *You* Always forgive your enemies (DO) | nothing annoys them (DO) so much. |

8. We didn't lose the game (DO); | we just ran out {of time} [#1]. |

9. There are {in nature} neither rewards (PN) nor punishments (PN)   | there

are consequences (PN). |

10. You can fool some (DO) {of the people} all [NuA] {of the time}, and all (DO)

{of the people} some [NuA] {of the time}, | but you cannot fool all (DO)

{of the people} all [NuA] {of the time}. |

1. I would also accept "ran" as the verb and "out of time" as the prepositional phrase, or "ran out of" as the verb and "time" as a direct object.