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Other Helping Verbs
Charles Dickens' A Tale of Two Cities
Directions: Underline every verb twice, and its subject(s) once.

Note that some of these include more than one S/V pattern.

1. Then the piercing shrieks would begin again, and she would repeat

     the cry.

2. He tried to prepare himself in vain.

3. They continued to cry.

4. The shadows of the wintry afternoon were beginning to fall.

5. I should like to ask you:--Does your childhood seem far off?

6. The road-mender tried to get a peep at secret weapons in his breast.

7. "I begin to think I AM faint."

8. They continued to be uttered in their regular succession, with the

     cry, "My husband, my father, and my brother!"

9. And now, Sydney, old boy, I want to say a word to YOU about

     YOUR prospects.

10. "I little thought," said Miss Pross, "that I should ever want to 

     understand your nonsensical language."