The KISS Grammar Workbooks To Charles Dickens Page
 (Code and Color Key)

Single-Word Verbs
from Charles Dickens' A Tale of Two Cities
Analysis Key

1. Charles Darnay was a free traveller (PN) and French citizen (PN). |

2. "Business seems bad (PA)?" |

3. He is not worthy (PA) {of such a daughter}. |

4. Its little heaps {of poor grass} were undistinguishable (PA) {from one another}. |

5. So we are not much alike (PA) {in that particular}. |

6. The Doctor looked desolately {round the room}. |

7. "Detestation {of the high} is the involuntary homage (PN) {of the low}." |

8. Saint Antoine wrote his crimes (DO) {on flaring sheets} {of paper}. |

9. "I am a mere dull man (PN) {of business}, | and you are a woman (PN)

     {of business}." |

10. {In the village}, taxers and taxed were fast asleep. |

11. That's an excellent card (PN). |

12. I am a disappointed drudge (PN), sir [#1]. |

13. "Mr. Jarvis Lorry [#1], are you a clerk (PN) {in Tellson's bank} [#2]?" |

14. The prison {of La Force} was a gloomy prison (PN). |

15. Six tumbrils carry the day's wine (DO) {to La Guillotine}. |

1. "Sir" and, in the following sentence, "Mr. Jarvis Lorry" are used as Direct Address. (See KISS Level 2.3)
2. Note how the prepositional phrase "in Tellson's bank" can be explained either as an adjective to "clerk," or as an adverb (indicating where) to "are."