The Printable KISS Grammar Workbooks To Charles Dickens Page
Adding Complements
Ex. # 2 from
Charles Dickens' A Tale of Two Cities
1. Underline finite verbs twice, their subjects once, and label complements ("PA," "PN," "IO," or "DO"). 

1. "This is our poor prisoner's darling daughter."

2. Mr. Lorry's eyes gradually sought the fire.

3. They were sitting under the plane-tree.

4. Show the door-keeper this note for Mr. Lorry.

5. The men were terrible, in the bloody-minded anger.

6. Some women were stooping over the motionless bundle.

7. Then, with that man's permission and even with his aid, his brother 

     took her away.

8. And she showed me her children.

9. This new life of the Doctor's was an anxious life.

10. His wooden shoes are large and clumsy.