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   I picked up some Agatha Christie books at some book sales, and when I was in the process of reducing my pipe smoking, I needed some light reading. Thus I turned to Christie. They are interesting reading, but I was also surprised by the simplicity of the sentence structure. The books are still under copyright, so I cannot supply the complete texts. They are, however, widely available. Using the opening sentences of various stories for educational purposes does not, as I understand it, violate copyright, so the following should make some interesting exercises. Among other things, these exercises should demonstrate that sentences do not need to be long and complex in order to be good writing. 

Based on The Murder of Roger Ackroyd

L5.4 Appositives - Simple AK G9 L5.4
L5.4 Appositives - Sentence Manipulation (to and from finite verbs) AK G9; 1YM L5.4

Selections from Mr. Parker Pyne, Detective

The Opening of "The Case of the Rich Woman"
This selection is a good exercise on passive voice. 
AK G8 L5.7 Passive 8.2 .09

Based on Postern of Fate

L3.2.4 Subordinate Clauses as Tags # 1 AK G5-11 L3.2.4
L3.2.4 Subordinate Clauses as Tags # 2 AK G9 L3.2.4
L3.2.4 Subordinate Clauses as Tags # 3 AK G10 L3.2.4

From Mysteries by Sister Carol Anne O'Marie
     Many of the KISS exercises are created by taking parts of longer, complicated sentences. Sister O'Marie's sentences are shorter than those of many writers so they provide excellent simple examples of many constructions without needing adaptation.

Based on Advent of Dying

L1.2 Adjectives, Adverbs, and Verbs - FiB AK G9 L1.2
L1.2 Adjectives and Adverbs - A Passage for Analysis AK G9 L1.2
L3.1.2 Subordinate Clauses - Mixed Noun AK G10 L3.1.2
L4 - Gerundives (ID # 1) AK G9 L4.3
L4 - Gerundives (ID # 2) AK G10 L4.3
L4 - Gerundives - A Passage for Sentence-Combining AK G9 L4.3