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The KISS Grammar
Washington Irving Page

From Rip Van Winkle

L1.1 Fill in the Blanks with Verbs AK G8 L1.1
L1.3 Complements - Mixed AK G9 ; 1YM L1.3
L1.3 Complements - Predicate Nouns AK G9 L1.3
L1.3 Complements - Direct Objects AK G9 L1.3
L1.3 Complements - Zero AK G9 L1.3
L1.4 Mixed Compounds AK G8 L1.4
L1.5 Prep Phrases -- FiB Identification AK 1YM L1.5
L1.5 Prep Phrases -- with Separated Objects AK G9 L1.5
L2.1.6 Distinguishing Finite Verbs from Verbals  AK G9 L2.1.6
L2.2.3 Embedded Prepositional Phrases AK G9 ; 1YM L2.2.3
L2.3 Nouns Used as Adverbs AK G9 L2.3
L3.1.1 CMC - Logic AK G9; 1YM L3.1.1
L3.2.4 - The "Which" Problem AK G9 L3.2.4
L5.7 Rewriting Sentences from Passive Voice to Active and from Active to Passive AK G9 L5.7