Whistler's Mother. Whistler. Luxembourg, Paris
The Printable KISS Workbooks The KISS Workbooks Anthology

New York: Copyright, 1922, by The Century Co.

The Holy Family. Pintoricchio. Academy, Siena
The Valley Farm. Constable. National Gallery, London
Madonna and St. Jerome. Correggio. Parma Gallery, Italy
The Wood-Gatherers. Corot. Corcoran Art Gallery, Wash., D.C.
The Aurora. Guido Reni. Rospigliosi Palace, Rome AK G6 L5.4
Singing Boys. Franz Hals. Cassel Gallery, Germany
St. Barbara. Palma Vecchio. Santa Maria Formosa, Venice
Charles I and His Horse. Van Dyck. Louvre, Paris
The Gale. Homer. Worcester Art Museum, Massachusetts
Madonna del Gran' Duca. Raphael. Pitti Palace, Florence
Joan of Arc. Bastien-Lepage. Metropolitan Museum of Art
The Fates. Michael Angelo. Pitti Palace, Florence
Madonna of the Chair. Raphael. Pitti Palace, Florence
Wolf and Fox Hunt. Rubens. Metropolitan Museum of Art
The Night Watch. Rembrandt. Ryks Museum, Amsterdam AK G6 L2.1.6
The Assumption. Titian. Academy, Venice
[Adverbial Clauses?]
The Melon-Eaters. Murillo. Pinakothek, Munich
[Adj Clauses?]
The Muses. Romano. Pitti Palace, Florence
"Come Abide with Us." Fra Angelico. San Marco, Florence
The Supper at Emmaus. Rembrandt. Louvre, Paris
Children of Charles I. Van Dyck. Dresden Gallery
The Buttery. De Hooch. Ryks Museum, Amsterdam
Coronation of the Virgin. Botticelli. Uffizi Palace, Florence
The Wolf-Charmer. La Farge. City Art Museum, St. Louis
The Old Woman Cutting Her Nails. Rembrandt. Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City
The Spinner. Maes. Ryks Museum, Amsterdam
St. George and the Dragon. Carpaccio. Church of San Giorgio degli Schiavoni, Venice
The Grand Canal. Turner. Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City
Song of the Lark. Breton. Art Institute, Chicago
The Holy Night. Correggio. Dresden Gallery
The Gleaners. Millet. Louvre, Paris [Quotation Marks?]
St. Cecilia. Raphael. Bologna, Italy
Helena Fourment and Her Son and Daughter. Rubens. Louvre, Paris
The Harp of the Winds. Martin. Metropolitan Museum of Art
The Tribute Money. Titian. Dresden Gallery
The Maids of Honor. Velasquez. Madrid Gallery, Spain
The Nymphs. Corot. Louvre, Paris
St. Francis Preaching to the Birds. Giotto. Upper Church, Assisi, Italy
The Governess. Chardin. Liechtenstein Gallery, Vienna [Sub Clause as Interjection]
The Last Supper. Leonardo da Vinci. Santa Maria delle Grazie, Milan
Sir Galahad. Watts. Eton College, England [Grade 9, PA2 Lit Passage?]
The Duchess of Devonshire and Her Child. Reynolds. Royal Gallery, Windsor [Grade 6, PA2 Lit Passage?]
St. Agnes and Her Lamb. Andrea del Sarto. Pisa Cathedral, Italy [Grade 7, L3.1 Adj. Clauses, Passage?]
Whistler's Mother. Whistler. Luxembourg, Paris [Grade 9, PA1 Lit Passage?]
St. Christopher. Titian. Doges Palace, Venice
The Blue Boy. Gainsborough. Private Gallery, Henry Huntington, Los Angeles, California[Grade 8, PA1 Lit Passage?]
The Sleeping Girl. Van der Meer. Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City
St. Anthony and the Christ-Child. Murillo. Museum of Seville, Spain
King Lear. Abbey. Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City [Simple Appositives]
Sunset in the Woods. Inness. Corcoran Art Gallery, Wash., D. C.