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Nathaniel Hawthorne's Short Stories

The Complete Writings of Nathaniel Hawthorne
in Twenty-Two Volumes.
Old Manse Edition. Houghton, Miffline & Co. 1900. 

Ethan Brand [ToC]

The Opening Paragraphs AK
The Opening Paragraphs as an Assessment Quiz

From A Wonder Book for Girls and Boys (Illustrated by Walter Crane)

From "The Gorgon's Head"

L1.2 - Phrases (10 Sentences) AK G6 L1.2
L1.2 Phrases - Passage AK G6 L1.2

Endicott and the Red Cross
Parallel Subordinate Clauses AK G6; IG6 L3.1.2

From "The Town Pump"

From "The Town Pump" AK - L6.7

From Critical Sources
From Hawthorne's Tragic Vision, by Roy R. Male AK G9 L5.4