The Printable KISS Workbooks Shakespeare's Plays
The Merchant of Venice
The Casket Scene
Engraving by 
Francis Hayman, 1770
Act One
Scene 1, 74-75: "You have too much respect" AK   L3.1.2 Sub Cl Adj
Scene 3, 94-98: "The devil can cite Scripture" AK  G9 L4.1 Verbals
Act Two
Scene 6, 36-37: "But love is blind..." AK   L3.1.2 Sub Cl Adj
Scene 9, 36-39: "Who shall go about.." AK  G10 L4.1 Verbals-Inf
Act Five
Scene 1, 82-87: "The man that hath no music..." AK  G10 L3.2.1 Ellipsis
Scene 1, 90-95: "When the moon shone," AK  G9 L3.1.2 Sub Cl Adv