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Modern Essays,  Selected by Christopher Morley

Exercises Based on the Entire Book

A Study in "Which" and "Who"

 As a norm, the five exercises on "unusual clauses" include a slie, a verb as antecedent, a "who" slide, a restrictive clause, a non-restrictive clause, and a parenthetical clause.
Unusual Antecedents AK G7 L3.2.4 Which
Unusual Clauses with "Which" and "Who" # 1 AK G7 "
Unusual Clauses with "Which" and "Who" # 2 AK G8 "
Unusual Clauses with "Which" and "Who" # 3 AK G9 "
Unusual Clauses with "Which" and "Who" # 4 AK G10 "
Unusual Clauses with "Which" and "Who" # 5 AK G11 "

Exercises Based on Specific Essays

1. “American Literature,” by John Macy 

2. “Mary White,” by William Allen White 

3. “Niagara Falls,” by Rupert Brooke 

4. “The Almost Perfect State,” by Don Marquis 

5. “The Man-o’-War’s ’Er ’Usband,” by David W. Bone 

6. “The Market,” by William McFee 

7. “Holy Ireland,” by Joyce Kilmer 

8. “A Familiar Preface,” by Joseph Conrad 

9. “On Drawing,” by A. P. Herbert 

10. “O. Henry,” by O. W. Firkins 

11. “The Mowing of a Field,” by Hilaire Belloc 

12. “The Student Life,” by William Osler 

13. “The Decline of the Drama,” by Stephen Leacock 

14. “America and the English Tradition,” by Harry Morgan Ayres 

15. “The Russian Quarter,” by Thomas Burke 

16. “A Word for Autumn,” by A. A. Milne 

17. “A Clergyman,” by Max Beerbohm 

18. “Samuel Butler: Diogenes of the Victorians,” by Stuart P. Sherman 

19. “Bed-Books and Night-Lights,” by H. M. Tomlinson 

20. “The Precept of Peace,” by Louise Imogen Guiney 

21. “On Lying Awake at Night,” by Stewart Edward White 

22. “A Woodland Valentine,” by Marian Storm 

23. “The Elements of Poetry,” by George Santayana 

24. “Nocturne,” by Simeon Strunsky 

25. “Beer and Cider,” by George Saintsbury 

26. “A Free Man’s Worship,” by Bertrand Russell 

27. “Some Historians,” by Philip Guedalla 

28. “Winter Mist,” by Robert Palfrey Utter 

29. “Trivia,” by Logan Pearsall Smith 

30. “Beyond Life,” by James Branch Cabell 

31. “The Fish Reporter,” by Robert Cortes Holliday 

32. “Some Nonsense About a Dog,” by Harry Esty Dounce 

33. “The Fifty-First Dragon,” by Heywood Broun