The Printable KISS Grammar Books
Edgar Degas
Background Essays for KISS Grammar

[See also the General Essays on Grammar]

What Is KISS Grammar?
The Primary KISS Difference -- A Grammar with an End
The Voice Behind KISS Grammar
What Can KISS Grammar Do?
The KISS Approach to  Improving Writing and to Grammatical Errors
More on the KISS Approach to Teaching Punctuation
The KISS Approach to Teaching Sentence Style
An Introduction to Syntax and the Logic of David Hume
Statistical Stylistics and KISS Grammar
How to Teach KISS Grammar 
Teaching Grammar with the KISS Approach: "I Don't Know"
The Importance of Method
Jerome Bruner's Concept of the Spiral Curriculum
Natural Syntactic Development: Piaget's "Plateaus" and Vygotsky's "Zones"
"KISS" -- The Case for "Stupid"?
The Smartest People Ask the "Stupid" Questions
Diagramming Sentences within the KISS Approach
Important Perspectives on Grammar
The Structure of Sentences (Nexus & Modification)
The Eight Parts of Speech as Functions
Alternative Explanations
Sliding Parts of Speech
Some Differences between KISS and Traditional Terms