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Book 10

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Introduction and Objectives
Writing Compound Sentences with a Dash, Colon, or Semicolon (Level 3.1.1, Ex. 5}
7 Exercise NA ToC
P-Pr Replacing Lost Punctuation (Level 6, Ex. 1)
Aesop's "Belling the Cat" (Milo Winter) Original AK ToC
More about Noun Absolutes (Level 5.8)
ID IM Identifying Noun Absolutes (Level 5.8, Ex. 1) TN
(The current IM includes Noun Absolutes as Nouns--I need to separate the two.)
S Rewriting Sentences by Using Noun Absolutes (Level 5.8, Ex. 2)
ID IM Noun Absolutes (as Direct Objects) (Level 5.8) TN
N From Dreiser's "The Lost Phoebe," Ex #5 - (DO) AK ToC
ID-R Noun Absolutes (as Objects of Prepositions) (Level 5.8)
N Ex # 2 from Black Beauty by Anna Sewell AK ToC
N From Dreiser's "The Lost Phoebe," Ex #4 AK ToC
ID-R Noun Absolutes (as Nouns) (Level 5.8, Ex. 3)
ID-R IM Noun Absolutes (A Passage for Analysis) (Level 5.8, Ex. 4) TN
Literature and Writing
Lit Anton Chekhov's "The Darling"
- Read Chekhov's "The Darling"
- IM Summarize Chekhov's "The Darling"    
N Analyze the Syntax of a Passage from "The Darling" AK ToC
IM Write a 500-750 word paper that analyzes "The Darling"
A Focus on Style
ID-R Parallel Subordinate Clauses (Level 3.1.2 Mixed, Ex. 5)
N The Opening Two Paragraphs of Dickens' A Tale of Two Cities  AK ToC
P IM The Punctuation and Logic of Main Clauses
(Level 3.1.1, Ex. 2)
Pr Analyze and Rewrite TN
S Sentence Combining and Style TN
S Sentence Combining -- Sentences
S Sentence Combining -- Passage
S Sentence De-Combining -- Sentences
S Sentence De-Combining -- Passage
Writing Research Papers
ID-R IM Voice Markers TN
ID-R IM Credibility Markers TN
N Sentence structures for adding voice and credibility markers. AK ToC
ID-R IM Quoting and Paraphrasing TN
ID-R IM Quotations within Quotations TN
ID-R IM Metacommentary TN
ID-R IM A Research Assignment TN
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