NCTE and the Teaching of Grammar:
A Call for a Public Investigation

      The teaching of grammar is fundamental to literacy, but  the record of the National Council of Teachers of English is abysmal when it comes to grammar. For the last fifteen years I have tried to work within the organization to improve the situation, but NCTE does not appear to be interested. This section of the web site briefly reviews the struggle. Unable to work effectively within the organization, the only option left is to go outside it and call for a public investigation. It is time for the American people to take control of English Education away from these "experts."

An Open Letter to the Leadership of NCTE
A Call for a Public Investigation
{You are invited to send a copy of this document to your local newspaper, TV station, radio and TV talk show hosts, educational organizations, politicians, 
and anyone else who may be interested in it.]
NCTE and the KISS Grammar Book Fiasco