KISS Grammar (You'll Love It)

      Note: If you are interested in KISS grammar itself, you will probably find it more productive to 1) go to the Introduction to the KISS Grammar Workbooks, 2) read Teaching Grammar as a Liberating Art (which is also free and on-line), or 3) start at the KISS Home Page. This manuscript was written at the invitation of NCTE, was intended to address problems specific to NCTE, and was limited in scope by NCTE's editor. I have placed it on the web simply so that readers interested in NCTE's problems with grammar can have it as a background for this discussion of NCTE's reviewers' comments.

Table of Contents

Part One: The Research
Chapter 1. The Problem with Teaching "Grammar" -- The Wrong Approach
Chapter 2. Research on the Teaching of Grammar
Chapter 3. Research on Natural Syntactic Development

Part Two: Theory 
Chapter 4 Grammar in Motion -- A Psycholinguistic Model
Chapter 5 What Should we Teach? A Pedagogical Descriptive Grammar -- KISS 
Chapter 6 When Should We Teach It? The Ideal KISS Curriculum -- Integrating Instruction with Natural Syntactic Development

Part Three: Practice (The Wide World of Sports)
Chapter 7. Recognition Exercises
Chapter 8. Expansion Exercises
Chapter 9. Exercises for writing, Logic, and Style

Part Four: The KISS Approach
Chapter 10. An Introduction to the KISS Approach
Chapter 11. Using the KISS Approach
Chapter 12. KISS Level One: Prepositional Phrases; Adjectives and Adverbs
Chapter 13. KISS Level Two: Adding Subjects, Verbs, and Complements
Chapter 14. KISS Level Three: Adding Clauses -- Subordinate and Main
Chapter 15. KISS Level Four: Adding Verbals -- Gerunds, Gerundives, and Infinitives
Chapter 16. KISS Level Five: Adding Eight Additional Constructions
Commencement? -- An Invitation to the KISS Web Site
Appendix -- The Aluminum Passage

NCTE's Response

Comments on the Rejection Letter and Reviewers' Comments
The Rejection Letter
Review # 1 Review # 4
Review # 2 Review # 5
Review # 3