The KISS Grammar Game:
The Nursing Edition
A selection from:
Community Health Experience
 by Jennifer Johnson
 Nursing Student
Pennsylvania College of Technology

     I believe it was Henry James who said that it is easier to learn the craft of writing from weaker writers -- the masters hide the seams. Relatively speaking, Ms. Johnson is and is not a weaker writer. Compared to other students, she is very good. But this is the first edition of the KISS Grammar Game to be based on a student's writing, and, compared to professional writers, she is relatively weak.  I note this because it has allowed me to make many more suggestions than I usually do in the section on "Additional Discussions of Style and/or Logic." For many students, these suggestions will probably make this edition more helpful than are those based on professional writing. Some of the students' problems may appear in this edition, and, as the students work to improve some of the sentences in this edition, they will be learning, even more directly than usual,  how to improve sentences in their own writing. I want to thank Ms. Johnson for letting me use these two paragraphs from her paper.

-- Ed Vavra
July 12, 1998