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ENL 281 (Vavra) 
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Directory of Backgrounds Based on Art History

ENL 281: Sex, Death, & Morality: Identity through Literature
(Multicultural Perspectives)

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Main Course Page  Bouguereau's Friendship
     Instructor's Ideas about the Course Ivan Kramskoy's Portrait of Leo Tolstoy
     Frequently Asked Questions De Morgan's Hope in the Prison of Despair
     Sample Exams Shiva Dancing (12th century bronze)
Main Schedule for Reading Albert Fennell's Emerging Spirit 
     Topics for Major Papers Moreau's The Lamentations of the Poet

Week #1 Introduction

Week 1 - Introduction Sir Edward Poynter's Lesbia and her sparrow
Week 1 - Bibliography Evelyn De Morgan's Cassandra

Week # 2 Ancient Literature

Wk 2 -- Main Page Dante Gabriel Rossetti's Pandora
Wk 2 -- Bibliography Albrecht Durer's Adam and Eve
Wk 2 -- Major Literary Movements of the Western European Tradition Andrea Mantegna's The Dead Christ
Wk 2 -- Euripides' Medea Evelyn De Morgan's Medea
Wk 2 -- Euripides' The Trojan Women Evelyn De Morgan's (British, 1850-1919)
Helen of Troy 
Wk 2 -- Pandora Cousin, Jean the Elder Eva Prima Pandora
Wk 2 -- Sappho Page Sappho, by Charles August Mengin
Wk 2 -- Sophocles' Oedipus Rex Gustave Moreau's Oedipus and the  Sphinx

Week # 3 European Literature of the Middle Ages & Renaissance

Week 3 - Main Page Raphael St. George Fighting the Dragon
Week 3 - Bibliography Correggio's Madonna with St. George

Week #4 U.S. Literature through the 18th Century

Week 4 - Main Page Benjamin West's Penn's Treaty with the Indians
Week 4 - Bibliography Gilbert Stuart's Henrietta Elizabeth Frederica Vane

Week #5 European Literature: 17th through the 18th Century

Week 5 - Main Page Velazquez's The Immaculate Conception
Week 5 - Bibliography François Boucher's St. John the Baptist

Week # 6 U.S. Literature of the 19th & 20th Centuries

Week 6 - Main Page Norman Rockwell's Rosie the Riveter
Week 6 - Bibliography Grant Wood's American Gothic
Week 6 - E.M. Forster's Where Angels Fear to Tread Sir Edward John Poynter's The Vision of Endymion

Week # 7 European Literature of the 19th & 20th Centuries

Week 7 - Main Page Rene Magritte's The Forest
Week 7 - Bibliography Picasso's La Vie (Life)

Week # 8 Native American Literature

Week 8 - Main Page Charles M. Russell's A Doubtful Handshake
Week 8 - Bibliography We Are Part of This Earth (Poster)

Week # 9 Afro-American Literature

Week 9 - Main Page Marta Gottfried's We Are Sisters 
Week 9 Bibliography Dexter Griffin's Birds of Paradise

Week # 10 African Literature

Week 10 - Main Page Georgie Papageorge's Barrier.
Week 10 Bibliography David Kabuula's Nalamu

Week # 11 Central / South American  Literature

Week 11 - Main Page David Siqueiros' Campesinos (Peasants)
Week 11 Bibliography Frida Kahlo's Self Portrait
Césaire, Aimé [Martinique] A Tempest John Mortimer's Monstrous Male Figure, Caliban? 
Fuentes, Carlos. The Old Gringo Andrea Mantegna's The Dead Christ

Week #12 Arabic Literature & The Middle East

Week 12 - Main Page A.Mammadov Nizami on the background of the ancient Azerbaijan
Week 12 - Bibliography Ali Quli Jabbadar, A Prince and a Lady

Week # 13 Indian Literature (The Continent)

Week 13 - Main Page Shiva
Week 13 - Bibliography Radha and Krishna c1550

Week # 14 Oriental Literature

Week 14 - Main Page Yamakawa Shûhô's 'Yuki moyo' ("Threatening to snow")
Week 14 - Bibliography Utagawa Toyokuni's Woman and Servant 

Week 15 Review and Final Exam

Week 15 - Main Page Dali's Crucifixion ('Hypercubic Body')
Week 15 - Bibliography Marta Gottfried's Destiny