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Directory of Backgrounds Based on Art History

English 111 (Composition)

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Engl 111- Composition Main Menu [index]  Botticelli's Pallas and the Centaur
Instructional Material [Menu] Da Vinci's Study of Proportions
Introduction to ATODS [InsM/IMGI] Michelangelo's Creation of Adam 
     Audience [InsM/IMGA] Michelangelo's Ezechiel (Sistine Chapel)
     Thesis [InsM/IMGT] Michelangelo's Joel (Sistine Chapel)
     Organization [InsM/IMGO] Michelangelo's Isaiah (Sistine Chapel)
          Organization Exercises [InsM/OrgE] David, J.L. Oath of the Horatii
     Details [InsM/IMGD] Michelangelo's Jeremiah (Sistine Chapel)
     Style [InsM/IMGS] Michelangelo's Zechariah (Sistine Chapel)
Introductions and  Conclusions Giotto's The Presentation at the Temple
Intro to Logic and Reasoning [InsM/imf] REMBRANDT's Aristotle contemplating a bust of Homer 
     Logical Relationships Maxfield Parrish's Stars
     Fallacies of Authority Ghirlandaio's Saint Jerome in his Study
Syntax Material Raphael's The nymph Galatea
Practice Exercises on Syntax Evelyn De Morgan's Eos
Combining or Decombining Sentences Winslow Homer's Fresh Air
Combining with Gerundives and Appositives Marta Gottfried's Innocence
Writing as a Process (Intro) [InsM/IMP] Poussin's The Ashes of Phocion 
     Brainstorming [InsM/IMPB] Marc Chagall I and the Village
     Research/Reading [InsM/IMPRR] Eugène Delacroix's Algerian Women
     Outlining [InsM/IMPO] Van Eyck's Madonna with Chancellor Rolin
     Drafting [InsM/IMPD] Rembrandt's Abraham and Isaac
     Revising [InsM/IMPRV] Rubens' The Four Quarters of the Globe
     Editing [InsM/IMPE] Rubens' The Four Quarters of the Globe
Research and Documentation Maxfield Parrish's Prometheus
Journals vs. Magazines Nicolas Poussin's The Shepherds of Arcadia 
Major Papers --General Directions [MPGD] Velazquez's Count-Duke of Olivares
    MP # 1
J.L. David's Death of Socrates (center section)
    MP # 2
Gerard David's  Rest on the Flight to Egypt
                    MP # 2 Sample Paper # 1 Thomas Hart Benton's Boomtown
                    MP # 2 Sample Paper # 2 Gainsborough's William Pointz
                    MP # 2 F98 Set of Essays Paul Cezanne's Woman Seated in Blue
    MP # 3
Rene Magritte's The Human Condition
    MP #4
EL GRECO's The Adoration of the Shepherds [detail]
    MP #5
Edvard Munch's The Hands
    SMU01 [Trouble with They]
Mabuse's Carondelet Diptych
Final Course Evaluations from Previous Semesters Chagall's The Painter to the Moon
ENL 111 Anthology El Greco's Laokoön
Twain, Mark. "Corn-pone Opinions"  Thomas Hart Benton's Huck Finn