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ENL 121: Lit & Comp
The Madona
of the Magnificat 
Uffizi, Florence 

Major Paper Assignment # 1

Writing about a Short Story

The assignment has been put in a single MS Word document.
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You can choose from the following stories.
[The numbers in brackets after the stories are approximate word-counts.]

     You should be able to find at least one credible source in ProQuest, Jstor, Literature Resource Center, Google Scholar, or OCLC Electronic Collections Online  for the following. 

Andreyev, Leonid N.  "Lazarus" [Offsite], [7,432]
Cather, Willa. "Eric Hermannson's Soul"  [9,364]
Chekhov, Anton. "The Darling" [5,159]
Conrad, Joseph, "The Lagoon" [5,604]
Dreiser, Theodore. "The Lost Phoebe," [6,622]
Gogol,  Nikolai  "The Cloak" (also called "The Overcoat") [12,328]
Hawthorne, Nathaniel. "Ethan Brand" [6463]
Maugham, W. Somerset. "The Colonel's Lady" [7,163]
Melville, Herman. "Bartleby the Scrivener" [14,356]
Stockton, Frank. "His Wife's Deceased Sister" [4,396]
Sources will probably  be hard to find for the following.
Aicard, Jean. "The Vase of Clay" [1,810]
Bazin, Rene. "The Birds in the Letter-box" [2,240]
Cheneviere, Adolphe. "Tonton" [2,021]
Heyse, Paul  "The Fury," [7,632]
Hope, Anthony. "The Philosopher in the Apple Orchard" [2,680]
Maugham, W. Somerset. "The Judgment Seat" [1,827]
Maupassant, Guy de "Old Mongilet" [1.976]
Pritchett, V. S. "The Saint" [Off-site at: NMI resources and information] [5,172]

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The Tranquility of Innocence, by Adam Leonard
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