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     In the Spring of 1998, with a fair amount of basic instructional material on this site, I thought it would be a good idea to put a complete set of students' essays where students could all see them, thereby giving them a sense of how their work compared to that of their classmates. Although my idea was simply to put each paper on the net with the name of the writer but without any grades or comments, the students talked me into posting the papers without names, but with grades and comments. There are now several such sets on this site, but because they are burried deep in different areas, the following links make them easily reachable from one point. I will appreciate any comments about the assignments and/or my grading. evavra@pct.edu. Because I get so much e-mail, please put "Sets of Papers" in the subject field. 

ENL 121: Foils in Hamlet, Spring 1998

ENL 121 Writing about a Short Story, Fall 1998

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