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     Note: Everything on this site is free: there are no materials for sale. Many of the documents on this site are now being made in MS Word. If you do not have MS Word (or a program that can open these documents), go to the Microsoft site where you can get a free reader that will let you open and print them, or you might want to find and try the free "OpenOffice" software on the web. 
Using KISS Instructional Materials
The new links to the KISS Instructional Sequences   

The old links to the free KISS Instructional Sequences

The Codes for the Teachers' Answer Keys
     There have been a few minor changes in the codes, but this guide will help you understand a complete KISS analysis for all the exercises so that you can be ahead of your students and answer the majority of their questions.
The KISS Psycholinguistic Model
     This model changes the study of grammar from the study of isolated constructions and a bunch of "don't" rules to a study of how our brains do process sentences by chunking words into phrases and phrases into clauses. It thereby explains why "errors" are (or are not) problems.
The Master Collection of Exercises
     This page includes links to the instructional materials and most of the exercises for each of the original KISS levels. You can use it to find supplemental or optional exercises for your students.
The KISS Grammar Game
      My students surprised me with their enthusiasm in playing this gane.

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* Although I am somewhat embarrassed to note it, you may find grammatical and spelling errors on this site. I do my best, but I teach five sections of Freshman composition/Introduction to Literature every semester. As a result, I often have to rush to get something onto this section of the site, or I have to drop it before I would like to, so that I can prepare for my classes. That is not a good excuse, but it is, I hope, justification for a plea for help. Someone once sent me an e-mail to tell me that she found several spelling errors "on the site." The "site," however, consists of several hundred documents, and if I take the time to reread/edit all of them, I will have even less time to respond to questions, etc. If you find an error, please send the page to me . It will be even more helpful if you tell me what and where the errors are. Thank you.